Rugged Radios Intercom System

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  • Designed to help the driver and passengers communicate with each other inside the cabin, our SSV Rugged Radios Intercom System is a must on long and thrilling rides. Plus, you can integrate it seamlessly into your in-dash switch panel and expand it to up to 4 people. This versatile add-on comes with a music port to ride to the beat of your favorite songs. From now on, there will never be a dull moment.

  • Specifically designed to facilitate clear in-vehicle communication between driver and passenger(s). Expandable to 4 people. Includes music port for enjoying your favorite tunes. Seamless integration with in-dash switch panel. May be synched with the Rugged Radios Car-To-Car System (not available for Canada) Power Cable (715003094) is required for installation on MAX models.