Bluetooth Handlebar Soundbar by MTX

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  • Install a Bluetooth handlebar ATV Soundbar and play your music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The rugged IP66-rated speaker is built to be weather-resistant and gives you 150 watts of quality sound power. Control of your music is right at your fingertips with Can-Am-tough audio accessories!

  • Bluetooth speaker with the unbeatable convenience of fingertip control. Rugged IP66-rated weather-resistant speaker designed for outdoor use. Driven by 150 watts of quality audio power. Seamless integration and operation from Bluetooth enabled devices. Includes: input, ground and ignition wires, plus auxiliary port and 3.5” connector cable. Note: We recommend you use 320 Kbps MP3 - 192-256 Kbps AAC or AIFF, WAV formats to match the potential of the speaker. More compressed formats will probably have degraded sound quality. Not compatible with XT handlebar protector kit. EC compliant.