Can-Am N40-5 Jet Helmet (DOT)

Product Code: Can-Am N40-5 Jet Helmet (DOT)
  • Simple and sturdy, the Can-Am N40-5 Jet Helmet is a DOT-certified piece of headgear designed to keep you protected and your line of sight crystal-clear. An ultra-wide, scratch-resistant shield works in conjunction with a multi-adjustable, anti-fog and scratch-resistant sunshield boasts UV protection for those bright daytime rides. Warm weather won’t cut your ride short thanks to an innovative ventilation system to maximize airflow on your ride, and Bluetooth communications capability (sold separately) means you can stay in touch hands-free while you ride. The DOT-certified model is only available in North America.

  • Ultra-wide scratch-resistant shield. Multi-adjustable anti-fog scratch-resistant sunshield with UV protection. Innovative ventilation system. Integrated chin straps. Bluetooth communication system ready (sold separately). ECE version not available in North America.