LinQ™ 23 gal (86L) Trunk Box


Product Code: 715004923
  • The LinQ 23 Gal/ 86L cargo box offers practical and cargo space with the versatility of LinQ. The secure, LinQ mounting allows for an easy installation, with 2 quarter turn levels located at the bottom of the trunk box. This intuitive locking solution allows for quick and easy options of adding or removing the accessory from the vehicle. Making the process of loading cargo and cleaning the vehicle a lot easier.

  • LinQ mounted for easy-on, easy-off installation. Holds cargo safely and securely while riding. ATV: LinQ Base (715002350) is required for G2L, LinQ Luggage Rack (715001734) is required for G2S. Defender: LinQ Cargo Rack (715004281) is required. Maverick Trail, Maverick Sport, Maverick Sport MAX: LinQ Cargo Rack (715003702) or LinQ Pivoting Rack (715004708) is required. Commander: LinQ Cargo Rack (715006815) is required. Maverick X3 : Not compatible with Standard LinQ Rack if LinQ Pivoting Rack is installed, LinQ Pivoting Rack (715002881 / 715003439) is required.