LinQ 4.2 US Gal (16 L) Cooler

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  • LinQ System: Fast. Easy. Secure. The LinQ accessories now fit all models. Nothing outdoes our exclusive quick-attach, tool-less rear-cargo LinQ System. It redefines what your watercraft can carry, and how it carries them. You get to pack more, play more, and ride farther, all while keeping food and drink cold and fresh.

  • Secure, easily installed LinQ-mounted cooler. Premium foam insulation holds ice up to five days. Durable rotomolded rigid construction. Sealed lid for airtight, weather-tight closure. Heavy duty T-Handle latches resistant to marine environments. Marinized hardware suited for saltwater applications. Can contain twenty 355 ml cans.  Exterior dimensions: 13” L x 20” W x 10” H. Interior dimensions: 9” L x 17” W x 7” H. Note: Cannot be mounted on the LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy.