LinQ 9.2 Gal (35L) Cooler

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  • LinQ-mounted for efficient and secure storage, locked in place with only a quarter turn. Easy to install, easy to remove using the LinQ system. Installation in LinQ 36'' configuration. Made of polyethylene for exceptional rigidity and durability. Storage capacity of 9.2 Gal (35 L). Lock the cooler on the vehicle using the LinQ Lock (860201968). Premium-quality foam insulation for optimal ice retention. Molded-in handles for quick installation and removal. Option to add a 5-slot LinQ Lite Rail on the side and at the rear of the cooler. A dry basket is included to protect your food from water. Drain plug at the bottom to get rid of excess water. The new ergonomic and resistant latch system ensures the top is tightly sealed. Innovative way to hold 12 cans (355 ml).