LinQ Tool Kit

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  • Most riders like to have the essential tools to be able to make the most common trail side repairs. To help organisation and making sure those essentials are always at hand Can-Am created the most versatile tool kit. The LinQ mounting allows the kit to be stacked with almost any LinQ 16 inch base accessories, inside the modular box concept is a curated selection of tools that can be used in any trailside repair. Quickly change a tire or a belt and get back riding, as the tools from the breaker bar to the selection of sockets work with all Can-Am vehicles, there's even a location for that spare belt.

  • Includes: Cutter pliers Long-nose pliers Locking pliers Ratchet wrench 3/8″ drive 6″ ratchet extension Long-socket 19 mm 3/8″ drive - 6pts Socket 18 mm 3/8″ drive Long-socket 17 mm 3/8″ drive - 6pts Socket 15 mm 3/8″ drive Socket 13 mm 3/8″ drive Socket 10 mm 3/8″ drive Socket 8 mm 3/8″ drive Combined wrench 19 mm Combined wrench 18 mm Combined wrench 15 mm Combined wrench 13 mm Combined wrench 10 mm Combined wrench 8 mm Socket torx  t40 3/8″ drive Socket torx  t30 3/8″ drive Socket torx  t20 3/8″ drive Breaker bar 3/8″ drive Integrated CVT belt storage location (belt not included)