Men’s Acer X KANUK Jacket

Product Code: Men's Acer X KANUK Jacket
  • Ski-Doo and KANUK team up to bring you the Men’s Acer X KANUK jacket, a limited edition snowmobile jacket that combines the most advanced technical shell with the lightest and warmest insulation on the market. Suited to both the backwoods and the city streets, the Acer X KANUK Jacket has a modern parka design that’s technically resistant to extreme conditions. Freezing rain, blustering winds, below-zero temps—this coat with cold-breaking rib cuffs will keep you warm and comfortable through it all. Plus, the big interior pocket, two hand warmer pockets, and earphone cable clips make it easy to bring your essentials with you along for the ride.

  • Two-way center front waterproof zipper under flap with snaps. Front hand warmer pockets with waterproof zipper closure. Big interior pocket with zipper. Adjustable hood hidden in the polar collar. Adjustable drawcord at waist and hem. Coldbreaking rib cuff with adjustable siliconed tab with velcro. Detachable, extensible and adjustable powderskirt. Security d-ring at waist level. Earphone cable clips. Comfort zone up to -35 C Insulation: is engineered for maximum loft per unit Weight and offers unbeatable thermal effciency and performance under humid conditions.