Ride On Cover (ROC) System REV Gen5 Grand Touring LE and Luxury


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Product Code: 860202549
  • Protect your snowmobile from road grime, salt, dirt and the elements when transporting it to your favorite destinations with the Ride On Cover (ROC) System. Features glove friendly quick release buckles and easy access to handlebars and footrests that lets riders fasten the cover before loading or unloading on trailers or sled decks.

  • "ROC System fits sleds from 129"" to 175"". Quick release buckles for easy, gloved-hand operation. Easy handlebar access for moving sled while covered. Ride on or off a trailer or sled deck while covered. Added protection while transporting sleds. Covers LinQ Cargo Box - 62 L (860202446) in the back and a Passenger Seat."