LinQ 13.5 US Gal (51 L) Cooler Extension (Double Latch)

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  • Add extra storage and stay organized. The LinQ Cooler Extension adds 5.3 Gal (20L) of separate storage space to the top of the LinQ 13.5 US Gal (51L) cooler. Fully insulated, it's the ideal solution for keeping refreshments separate from the day's catch or warm items separate from cold.

  • Add 5.3 US Gal (20 L) of extra storage to your existing 13.5 US Gal (51 L) cooler. Fully insulated and easy to install. Ideal, e.g., for separating your lunch from your catch or a seperate tackle box. Requires LinQ 13.5 US gal (51 L) Cooler (Double Latch) (269801151) for installation. Can contain thirty-six 355 ml cans. Keeps ice cold for three days. Exterior dimensions: 19” L x 31½ ” W x 6½ ” H. Interior dimensions: 11½ ” L x 26” W x 5” H.